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Titusville Soccer Club Registration

**Special note to all registrants, if you are a returning Spring 2020 player at Titusville Soccer Club, please select "Yes" to the question that identifies your child as such to apply your $65 credit from last season. If you get to the checkout and don't see the credit reflected in the amount due, please empty your shopping cart and start over. 

To anyone that selects this option that were not registered and payed last season, you will be caught. We will check the reports prior to putting players on teams and your child will not be allowed to play until the full amount has been paid. You will incur an addition $3 fee by Sports Connect for the second transaction on your account, so please be honest.

Spring 2021 Registration Information

Registration for Spring 2021 Season will be on-line (below) OR at the Chain of Lakes in the clubhouse meeting room on the following date:

At this time we are not planning on having an on-site registration

Spring 2021 Recreational Registration Cost:

$75 for Recreational players

Players registering after January 18, 2021 will be registered only if there is space available and a $10 late charge will be added to the registration fee.

*All new players must provide a copy of their birth certificate or upload it on the on-line registration.

Competitive Player Registration Cost:

$200 for all competitive players covers the fall and spring season. 
Comp soccer is a one year commitment and must be paid in full prior to the start of the season. Competitive teams uniforms are an additional charge. Your coach will let you know how to order and pay for the uniforms.

There will be a $10 late fee applied to Competitive player accounts, however that date is yet to be determined since Tryout dates have not yet been determined. When you are invited to join a competitive team, you will receive an email to accept the position and pay. On that email there will be a late registration deadline to avoid the $10 late fee.

*All new players must provide a copy of their birth certificate or upload it to the on-line registration.

Fall 2020 Recreational Registration Information:

Register for the FALL 2020 Season on-line ONLY at this time

Fall Recreational registration cost:

$100 for all recreational players

Players registering after July 12, 2020 will be registered only if there is space available and a $10 fee will be added to the registration fee. If age groups are full, your player will be added to the wait list for free.



For further information please contact : [email protected]


Titusville Soccer Club has two scheduled seasons. Fall and Spring.
The Fall Season runs from August until November.
The Spring Season runs from March until May.

TSC registration is open to boys and girls who live in the Titusville area (generally from Volusia County line to Port St. John but not limited to any residential guideline).

All players on teams within TSC are required to submit an accurate and properly completed youth amateur registration application on-line.

Each first time registrant or non-verified player must submit a copy of a state certified birth certificate or passport. Any player may be called upon to prove his/her legal status to the board of directors for proof of age. Players MUST indicate their full legal first and last name and middle initial on all registration material. Parent or guardian consent is required.

All individuals serving as coach, or assistant coach are required to complete and submit a coaches registration on-line. If selected to coach you must complete a background check, complete the Heads Up Concussion Course, complete the Safe Sport Training, and be fingerprinted by AUE Staffing as prescribed by Brevard Parks and Rec. Each recreational team should have one assistant coach.
NOTE: Only two recreational coaches are allowed on the same sidelines with the players. 


To use the chart below. First find your child's birth year and then locate the registration year you are registering in (currently we are registering for 2019-2020 year). Where those two intersect will be the age group you child is in.

U5 Eligibility:
In order to play U5, player must be 4 by the end of the calendar year of the current fall soccer season. Soccer seasons currently run from Fall to Spring. For example if your child was born in 2014 he or she will not be able to start until Fall 2018- Spring 2019 season. Any blanks in the above chart means there are no programs for that age player during the corresponding seasonal year.

Field Status

Open Open

Chain of Lakes (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 3 U12 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 4 U12 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 6 U10 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 5 U10 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 7 U8 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 8 U8 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 9 U6 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 10 U6 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 11 U5 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)

Open Open

Field 12 U5 (09:13 AM | 10/03/20)