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Coach Jason Jagdmann's U12 Thunder placed 2nd in the Brevard Cup Tournament May 4-5, 2019 (Below)

Coach Scott Ashfield's U13 Psychos were Brevard Winter Classic Champions for 2019! (Below)

Coach Ocasio's U17 Misfits took 1st place in GCF Division 3 for 2017/2018 year. (Below)

Coach Ashfield's U12 Psychos took 1st place in GCF Division 3 for 2017/2018 year.

Coach Lamothe & Diblasi's U10 Titans were Brevard Cup 2018 Tournament Champs

Coach Gilmore's U12 Comp Phoenix Cup Tournament Champs 2015

Coach Holodak's U14 Rec Phoenix Cup Tournament Champs 2013

Coach Itani's U10 Rec Team Champs 2012


The Sean Dolan Memorial Award

Sean Dolan (aged 23) passed away in an automobile accident in 2008, and his former coach, Jim Treinen and family have established an annual scholarship award in his memory. Sean played soccer at TSC both recreationally and competitively for approximately twelve years and three times during the time he was on Jim's competitive team The Warriors, he was an integral part in their Regional B Championship winning side.

Sean was an excellent soccer player, but more than that, he was an outstanding individual and was loved by all. He encompassed all of the traits that you'd want in your own son, in that he was hard working, loving, compassionate and possessed a quiet, unassuming zeal to always be the best that he could be. His name was the first written on the team sheet every week, because he could always be relied upon to give it his all.

The criteria for this award is very simple: The player chosen has to be representative of the legacy that Sean left behind and has to be a competitive player that demonstrates the very same ideals. The Titusville Soccer Club Board of Directors vote each season and select an individual that best exemplifies what Sean stood for.


Photo 1: The Warriors Under 18, 2001-2002 Coached by Jim Treinen (Back Row left to right) Bobby Turner, Sean Dolan, David Scott, Clint Wright, Adam Freeman, Ben Treinen, Adam Der, Coach Jim Treinen
(Front Row left to right) Brian Grooms, Jon Stutte, Chris Watz, Kyle Maynard, Thiago, Adam Treinen

Photo 2: The Warriors Under 18, 2001-2002 (left to right) Brian Grooms, Jon Stutte, Bobby Turner, Chris Watz, Kyle Maynard, David Scott, Sean Dolan

Photo 3: The Warriors Under 16, 1999-2000 (Back Row left to right) Coach Adam Treinen, Josh Taylor, Bobby Turner, Robbie Martinez, David Scott, Clint Wright, Chris Watz, Coach Jim Treinen
(Middle Row left to right) Kevin Casey, Ben Treinen, Ryan Sisko, Adam Freeman, Brian Grooms, Jon Stutte
(Front Row left to right) Sean Dolan, Chris Wood, Mark Kaus, Adam Der

Photo 4: The Warriors Under 14, 1998 (Back Row left to right) Josh Taylor, David Scott, Patrick Mulligan, Ben Treinen, Scott Buck, Coach Jim Treinen
(Middle Row left to right) Sean Dolan, Clint Wright, Gabriel Shibley, Andrew Kodesch
(Front Row left to right) Jon Stutte, Ryan Sisko, Adam Freeman, Mark Kaus, Brian Grooms

Photo 5: The Warriors Under 11, 1995 (Back Row left to right) Patrick Mulligan, Kyle Maynard, Adam McClellan, Tommy Seifret, Ben Treinen, Ryan Sisko, Nick Aikens, Sean Dolan
(Front Row left to right) David Scott, Andrew Kodesch, Michael Warwick, Tony Barretta, Reed Shaffer and Scott Buck

 2018 Honoree - George "Mickey" Mikitarian

Liz, George and "Mickey" Mikitarian with Janice and Ed Dolan
2016 Honoree - Logan Facemyer  

 (Top)Coach Scott Ashfield, Honoree Logan Facemyer, Coach Bobbi Facemyer
(Bottom) Parents of Logan Facemyer
2015 Honoree - LaShay Marks, Jr. 
Coach Henry Simonsen, Honoree LaShay Marks, Coach Cam Parker, Ed & Janice Dolan, Bitsy & Jim Treinen(Coach of Sean Dolan)
 2014 Honoree - Mathew Parker


(Top) Janice & Ed Dolan, Honoree Mathew Parker, Jim Trienen (Coach of Sean Dolan)
(Bottom) Family of Honoree Mathew Parker with Janice & Ed Dolan


2013 Honoree - Donovan Carlton

On a April 12, 2014, during half-time of the TSC Thunder Under 15 game, Board Member Scott Ashfield, presented Thunder player Donovan Carlton with the 2013 Sean Dolan Memorial Award. Donovan's dedication to the sport and to his teammates made him the perfect representative of the award. Donnovan has been a long time member of Titusville Soccer Club and we look forward to seeing him for many years to come!

Photo 1:Donovan Carlton and Scott Ashfield
Photo 2 (left to right):Jerry Carstens (Coach TSC Thunder), Ed and Janice Dolan, Donovan, Christina Carlton, Bitsy and Jim Treinen (Former Coach of Sean's team The Warriors).

2012 Honoree - Joel Thamert

On a beautiful early summer evening, during half-time of the TSC Tritons Under 19 encounter with the Orlando City Soccer Club, Board Member Kate Marple, presented Tritons' Captain Joel Thamert with the 2012 Sean Dolan Memorial Award. Joel has been a member of TSC for over ten years, during which time he has excelled on and off the field, both at the Club and also Titusville High School. Joel's quiet and reserved demeanor, belies his performances on the field, where his play speaks volumes and with his "quiet, unassuming zeal," he is truly representative of Sean himself. In his last game in a Tritons' uniform before heading off to the University of Florida, Joel was joined by Sean's former "Warriors" coach Jim Treinen, his parents Jeff and Heidi Thamert and the Dolan family, which included Sean's Mum and Dad Janice and Ed and uncle Tom Dolan. Cheered on by his teammates and a cacophany of supporters on the touchline, Joel Thamert is the worthy winner of the 2012 Award.

Photo 1:Joel Thamert and Kate Marple
Photo 2 (left to right):Jim Treinen (Sean's coach on "The Warriors"), Janice and Ed Dolan, Joel, Jeff and Heidi Thamert.

2011 Honoree - William Thompson

On Saturday April 14, the Sean Dolan Memorial Award was presented at half-time of Jeff Thamert's U17 Tritons match v Clermont FC. The 2011 recipient is defensive stalwart William Thompson, who best exemplifies the qualities that were a trademark of Sean himself, who was a defensive anchor on Jim Treinen's successful three times Regional Cup winning team The Warriors, back in the late 1990's, early 2000's. Sean's legacy is written here on our club's website and William, who like Sean, exudes a quiet, unassuming zeal on the field of battle and can be relied upon to give it his all, every Saturday afternoon. Congratulations young Will. Presented by Director of Coaching Tristan Williams, in attendance were Sean's parents Ed and Janice Dolan, as well as other members of the Dolan family; Sean's former coach Jim Treinen and his wife Bitsy and former teammate Ben Treinen and his brother Casey; Will's proud coach Jeff Thamert and parents Dan and Margaret Thompson.

Photo 1:William Thompson in action for the U17 Tritons, April 14, 2012 v Clermont FC
Photo 2 (left to right):Jeff Thamert (Coach of Will's team the U17 Tritons); Tristan Williams (Director of Coaching); Dan and Margaret Thompson; William Thompson; Janice and Ed Dolan; Jim Treinen (Former Coach of Sean's team The Warriors); Bitsy Treinen.


2010 Honoree - Eric Gullikson

Photo 1 (left to right):Ed Dolan,Eric Gullikson,Janice Dolan,Bitsy Treinen
Photo 2 (left to right):Greg Gullikson,Geoff Cone,Eric Gullikson,Ed Dolan,Janice Dolan,Lori Gullikson,Tristan Williams

2009 Honoree - Dustin Cone

Pictured (left to right): Meagan, Janice and Ed Dolan, Dustin Cone, Tristan William (DOC), Geoff Cone, Lynne Cone


2008 Honoree - JP Vitucci

Photo 1 (middle):JP Vitucci

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